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Why should I travel abroad for weight loss surgery?


7 Benefits of Traveling Abroad for Weight Loss Surgery

When it comes to weight loss surgeries, who says you cannot travel abroad to get high-quality procedures? As a matter of fact, millions of people travel across their borders to other countries to undergo bariatric surgeries such as incisionless weight loss procedures gastric balloon and gastric sleeve.

Medical tourism is a popular way for obese patients to get bariatric surgery while they are visiting another country. During the last decade, this practice has developed into a growing market for patients who desire to lose weight through medical intervention.

If you are researching your weight loss surgery options, it might be a good idea for you to carefully consider traveling abroad to have your surgery. There are several benefits of traveling abroad for bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery is Affordable in Foreign Countries

Due to the rising costs of health care in countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia, it makes good financial sense for you to go to countries like Mexico to have your bariatric procedure performed.

Consider these facts. In the United States, the average cost of gastric bypass surgery is approximately $25,000. That same surgery is approximately $7,400 in Mexico. By having your bariatric surgery performed in Mexico, you will enjoy a significant savings of 70 percent. The money that you save can be used to purchase a new wardrobe when you achieve your weight goals.

Contrary to popular belief, bariatric surgery abroad is not cheaper because it is inferior. The reason the medical costs are so inexpensive is doctors in other countries do not have to pay the costs associated with high malpractice insurance. Another reason is many of the doctors in other countries do not have to pay high expenses for office rental and staff. As a result, these savings are passed on to you.

Air travel to other countries and hotel accommodations are affordable as well. You can purchase medical tourism packages that cover everything from your ground transportation to your bariatric surgery recovery suite. The costs of the package and the surgery will still be much lower than the total cost of surgery in the United States.

Bariatric Surgeons in Foreign Countries are Highly-Skilled

There are good and bad doctors all over the world. In spite of the myths, there is no truth in the statement that surgeons in countries such as Mexico are inferior health professionals.

In fact, bariatric surgeons abroad are well-regulated. Organizations such as The Joint Commission International monitor the activities of participating doctors throughout the world. If you opt to get bariatric surgery from one of the participating facilities, you can be sure that you are receiving quality health care. In order to receive accreditation, the physicians must pass a rigorous inspection every three years.

Many international doctors are subject to similar rigorous rules and standards as physicians in the United States. They have to pass tests and become certified in their areas of practice.

Traveling Abroad for Bariatric Surgery Offers Similar Bariatric Procedures

There are several types of bariatric procedures that you can undergo to treat obesity. You can opt for an extreme makeover, incisionless weight loss procedure gastric balloon, revisional surgery from lap-band or minimally invasive surgery. All of these types of surgeries are available in other countries.

Planning Your Surgery Abroad Requires Minimal Processing Time

In countries with similar health care processes such as the United States, it can take up to a year to get approved for bariatric surgery by your health insurance company. If you do not meet all of the surgical qualifications, your insurance company may not approve your bariatric surgery. This is good news if you have diabetes, and you need relief in a hurry.

When you travel abroad for bariatric surgery, you are not required to go through a lengthy approval process. This is especially true if you are able to pay for wls through a self-pay option. When you finance your own surgery, you do not have to get another person’s approval. You can freely schedule the surgery for a time that is convenient for you.

In other countries such as Mexico, there is not a lot of paperwork required by their health care industry that can stall the process. You can easily complete the required paperwork and make your travel arrangements for your surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Abroad Offer Self-Pay Options

Paying the high costs associated with bariatric surgery in countries such as the United States is not affordable for most people. However, in countries like Mexico, bariatric surgeries are so inexpensive that paying out-of-pocket expenses is a viable option for many patients.

Some surgeons in the United States do not accept payments directly from patients. They only accept payments from insurance companies. If you plan on paying for bariatric surgery yourself, your best choice will be to schedule surgery abroad.

Bariatric Surgeons Provide Superior Patient Care Services Abroad

Doctors in the United States see of patients each month. As a result, the average doctor spends less than 7 minutes with each patient. Many patients do not experience good patient care services from their physicians in the United States.

When you have bariatric surgery abroad, you can expect to be treated with respect and care. Bariatric surgeons who work in popular tourist hospitals take their time to talk to patients. They do not operate by the same schedule constraints as doctors in the United States.

Patients Recuperate After Bariatric Surgery in 5-Star Facilities Abroad

As you recuperate from your bariatric procedure, you will stay in 5-star facilities that have flat panel televisions, comfortable beds, meals and nursing equipment. The best part about the accommodations is that they are usually cheaper than staying in a drab hospital.

Traveling abroad provides immediate access to high-quality and affordable bariatric surgery. With the various benefits of traveling abroad for bariatric surgery, this might be a good option for your surgery.

Jessica Lovett, WLG Editorial Team

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