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Planning Your Trip to Mexico

Our Patient Care Coordinators at Weight Loss Getaways have the expertise to help you plan every aspect of your stay. From the bariatric surgery in Mexico to the recuperation facilities, we will carefully guide you through the process.

As you plan your trip to Mexico, there are a few things you will need to know in advance. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your trip.

Hotel Arrangements
There are over 40 hotels in Mexico that can accommodate you during your stay. Many of the hotels offer recuperation care for patients who have bariatric surgery in Mexico. Another option is to recuperate at a hotel in San Diego after your surgery. We have connections with some of the best hotels,& we will assist you finding a hotel.
Passport Requirements
To gain entry into Mexico, you will be required to present a valid Passport or Passcard. Passports are needed if you travel to Mexico on a plane. Passcards are needed if you cross the Mexican border in ground transportation.
Travel Arrangements
You can travel to Tijuana by air and ground transportation. There is a local airport if you wish to travel by a direct flight. Another option is to travel to the San Diego airport and use ground transportation to gain entry into Mexico. Our patient care coordinators can arrange door-to-door service from the airport to your hotel.
Safety in Mexico
Traveling from your home country may cause you to have safety concerns about Mexico. Cities in Mexico are as safe as other cities in the world. If you have questions about possible issues that may arise during your stay, you can always contact the State Department to learn more about ways to be safe as you travel abroad. Our bilingual patient care coordinator at Weight Loss Getaways is Dr Elvira Lozano with email of Feel free to contact her for more information.
About Weight Loss Getaways
Our motto “Bariatric Holidays Mexico” is not just a saying – it is a lifestyle we want our clients to adopt. Our dedicated team of patient coordinators is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals through bariatric surgery. We have a team of bilingual patient care coordinators, dietitians and patient advocates who will support you before and after your bariatric surgery. We work closely with hospitals, SENTRI drivers and hotels to make your bariatric surgery in Mexico a positive experience.
Money and Exchange Rates
Most people who travel to Mexico find that they do not need a lot of money during their stay. The primary form of currency in Mexico is the peso. Although many businesses accept the U.S. dollar, they usually do so at a lower exchange rate. It is best for you to convert your money to pesos before you spend it at a business. Each U.S. dollar is worth between 17 and 19 pesos. For your convenience, many businesses accept credit cards, and ATMs are widely available.

Planning Your Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

It takes time and commitment to plan your Bariatric Surgery in Mexico. If you want to maximize your chances of a successful outcome, here are a few tips that you should consider.
  1. Plan your follow-up care with a local physician in your area.
    Your bariatric surgery is just a small part of your weight loss journey. After you return home from your surgery, you will need to schedule appointments with a local physician to monitor your health. Our team of patient care coordinators can help you find local physicians who will provide you with follow-up care.
  2. Schedule at least 2 relaxation days into your surgery plan.
    When you arrive in Mexico, you should have a few days to recuperate from the flight and prepare for surgery. Stress and jet lag can take a toll on your body. Give your body the proper rest it needs so it can be strong for the surgery.
  3. Remember to follow your bariatric surgery protocol.
    At least 2 weeks before the surgery you should begin your pre-surgery diet. This is important because your body needs to be prepared for the surgery. Resist the urge to indulge in foods that are not on your list.
  4. Get the proper vaccinations.
    Contact the Centers for Disease Control to determine whether you need vaccinations to travel to Mexico.

Is Traveling to Mexico for Bariatric Surgery Right for Me?

Making the decision to have bariatric surgery in Mexico is a personal decision that should not be taken lightly. Here are few questions you should take into consideration as you make your decision.
  1. Do you have a trusted person to accompany you on your trip to Mexico?
    Your body will be in a weakened condition after your surgery. Before you travel, you need to be evaluated to determine whether your body can withstand the rigors of traveling to another country.
  2. Are you healthy enough to travel to Mexico?
    Making the decision to have bariatric surgery in Mexico is a personal decision that should not be taken lightly. Here are few questions you should take into consideration as you make your decision.
  3. Is the significant savings worth any potential health risks?
    Every surgery is a risky proposition. You must carefully decide whether saving thousands of dollars outweigh any risks that are involved with the procedure.
  4. Are you going to be committed to the process?
    As you Select Your Better Self through weight loss surgery, you must follow your surgeon’s protocol in order to experience success. Bariatric surgery is just a portion of your journey. You must be willing to incorporate lifestyle changes in order to experience lasting success.
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