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Bariatric Revision Surgery Tijuana, Mexico

Revisional Surgery

Weight loss surgery has provided many people in the United States with the ability to remedy and control their obesity issues. Unfortunately, this type of gastric alteration doesn’t work the first time for everyone and long-term weight loss is not always achieved. Sometimes it is achieved at first but as time goes on, the weight gain will increase again and the same problems will present themselves again. Less than optimal results can be devastating to a patient who has gone through a procedure such as this and it can often involve complications such as minimal weight loss, surgical complications and even the lack of resolution of co-morbidities.

The staff that is present at The Surgical Specialists of Louisiana have been well trained in various methods of laparoscopic revisions when it comes to general as well as bariatric surgery. Less invasive methods such as inclusion less revisional surgery are also available for patients who have already undergone a gastric procedure but just did not find the overall results that they originally had hoped for. There is still hope and now is not the time to give up on living a healthy life. Our staff will help you in any way that we can to figure out what the best scenario would be to treat your obesity concerns and any complications that you are currently faced with.

If you are interested in finding out more about our various weight loss techniques and procedures, then it might be time to look into medical tourism and take a trip down to our facility. We evaluate each of our patients on a case by case situation and we will recommend what we think the best option would be for you.

In many instances, your revisional surgery may be completely or partially covered by your health insurance provider. Give our patient advocate department a call today at 1-877-691-3001 to find out more about the procedure and about financial options that are available.

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