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All of our bariatric procedures take place at the newly-renovated Oasis of Hope Hospital (American Hospital Association-certified since 1991), located in the scenic playas area of Baja California.

The hospital utilizes top of the line technology and is fully outfitted to ensure safe and successful weight loss surgery outcomes.

Oasis of Hope is proud to take great care of offering the finest in medical services for over 60 years. At Oasis of Hope, you’ll experience a level of service that sets it apart. The hospital has an onsite chapel, elegant hotel quality private patient rooms, gourmet food and dedicated dining area, gardens, and a facility with the first-class feel that relaxes and soothes.

Additionally, given that Oasis of Hope is one of the leading hospital destinations for bariatric surgery and it’s track record of accommodating thousands of bariatric procedures per year, the surgeons and patient care staff are all bilingual and experienced to provide you with superb personalized care.


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