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Motivation: Keeping the Weight off After Bariatric Surgery

Weight is an issue that many people deal with, and it can be overwhelming. Some people opt for diets while others work out until they drop to the floor. Perhaps this is one reason you decided on the bariatric surgery to help you maintain your weight. Some have the surgery in Mexico because it can be more affordable. No matter where you have it, the real problem you will have is keeping the weight off after surgery.

Why is it Hard to Keep Off the Weight?

Some might think it will be easy to keep the weight off after having the surgery, but that is not the case. Bariatric surgery may remove excess fat, but it does not deal with personal habits. I know that losing weight is only half the battle. I tried dieting and lost 200 pounds and gained them right back due to my habits. What you have to understand is that weight issues stem from a disease that must be addressed in order for weight control to be attained.

One of the first things you need to do is find your motivation. Personally, I found motivation in my father who sadly passed away before I lost all my weight. He was always there, motivating me and encouraging me to believe that I could lead a healthier life. I keep his teachings and motivation close to my heart. It is his spirit that makes me want to stay fit, and I hope he can see me maintaining a healthy weight wherever he is.

You also need to find support. I found support within the bariatric community. All of you who have struggled with obesity are my sisters and my brothers. I find all the courage I need when I hear about you or meet you at the Obesity Action Coalition’s Annual Your Weight Matters Convention or at the Annual Meet and Greet for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America.

Another thing that has helped me tremendously is being able to motivate others who think losing and keeping the weight off is impossible. I have followers on Facebook or Instagram who share how I have inspired them. Some share their stories, and I am proud of them. Everyone’s journey to weight control varies. Some chose the Bariatric surgery and decided to have the surgery in Mexico, but some chose other options. Hearing other people’s story is such an inspiration.

Motivation and support definitely make a difference but so does access to the right tools that can make this whole transition a little easier. For example, going to some of the conventions mentioned earlier exposes you to companies like Bari Life that provides protein bars and healthy snacks to help safely curve your appetite.

I want you to know that I searched for motivation and found it. You will have to seek it out, too. My father believed in me and motivated me because I shared my dreams of leading a healthier lifestyle. I asked him for support, but I also found support within myself. Remember that starts with you, so make sure that you are fighting obesity, not just trying solutions without dealing with the disease. The disease can be broken with a strong support system that will help you finally tell your body that enough is enough.

I want to share one more thing with you. I met my boyfriend at one of the conventions I go to for support, so you never know where your journey is going to take you.

– Katie Smith

Jessica Lovett, WLG Editorial Team

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