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How Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico Is Affordable


weight loss surgeryPerks of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

  • If you need weight loss surgery but don’t really want to pay an arm and a leg to do it, as America’s medical prices are skyrocketing and insurance does not cover all of it or maybe even any of it. Maybe consider trying to find a country you can afford to travel to and get it done, all for less the price you can get just the surgery alone in the United States, but with a vacation! Is it possible? YES! Consider checking out Mexico for your medical travel. Here’s why:


  • It costs less. Flights to Mexico are inexpensive and so are the procedures. By the time you have paid for your tickets, your surgeries, and your vacation, it would cost just as much as just paying for the procedures to be done in the US. Medical supplies, salaries, and administrative costs are less. This means you pay less for your surgery. Malpractice insurance cost is significantly lower.


  • It is relatively close to the US and Canada and the surgical centers are mostly located in vacation destinations, which can help ease your surgery anxiety. Since it’s far away enough, you don’t have the uncomfortable conversation telling your friends what you’re doing.


  • In the United States, relations between health care groups, patient, insurance companies, billing procedures, brokers and hospitals ultimately increase patient cost. In Mexico, there is freedom to practice medicine with less regulation. The focus of the surgeon is shifted from tracking and collecting money to patient care. You’ll receive a straightforward, all-inclusive bill.


  • Make sure you’re prepared for travel ahead of time. Try to arrive up to a week ahead of time to prevent travel complications and jetlag. Only drink water or distilled water once you arrive to avoid stomach problems and follow some standard weight loss surgery preparations such as diet and exercise plan. Plan a few days of relaxation and try not to get sick, as some do when eating in new countries. It’s the last thing you will want before surgery!


Being done with your surgery is relieving, but there are still some precautions you should take during recovery. Make sure to get properly evaluated by your surgeon before traveling. Take steps to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis, which is the formation of a blood clot and is the biggest risk of traveling after surgery. To minimize your likelihood of getting it, make sure to avoid tobacco and getting some elastic flight socks will help, along with losing weight, stopping birth control or hormone replacement therapy, as they can thicken your blood. Use a pneumatic compression device during and after surgery or take a blood thinner while traveling. Try to get a seat with a lot of legroom and have a little walk around before your flight.

Choosing to have a bariatric procedure in Tijuana, Mexico is a big decision. Weight Loss Getaways handles the entire procedure from start to finish! Get in touch to see how we can help today!

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