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Grand Care is an exclusive floor of Grand Hotel Tijuana, created to bring comfort and personal attention to people that just had a minor aesthetic or surgical procedure.

In Grand Care our guests could stay as long as needed, knowing that they will have the comfort and attention that only a well prepared and qualified place can provide. It’s the perfect place for medical tourism.

In addition to the amenities you need for a good recovery such as medical beds, wheelchairs, and a special food menu it also has a private lobby with a beautiful view of the city and excellent personal attention.

Grand Care has:

  • Personalized service
  • Coordination with clinics (medication schedules, rest posture, transportation, additional services, diet)
  • Private lobby
  • Exclusive reception for guests and their companions
  • Private access
  • Tours of valuation
  • Medical beds (with controls) to adjust to the required position of the guest
  • Wheelchair
  • IV stand
  • Peaceful environment
  • Healthy snacks area
  • Access to a tablet
  • High Speed Internet

Grand Care is comfort for your wellness, and you’ll only find it in Grand Hotel Tijuana.


  • Wheelchair access
  • Adjustable medical bed
  • HD Television
  • Chaise lounge
  • Table for food and beverages
  • Room service with special food menu or following prescription
  • Bathrooms with:
    • Phone type shower
    • Shower chair
    • Toilet with fixed and portable frame


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