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Different Lunch Ideas and How-To Eat after Bariatric Surgery


Undergoing bariatric surgery in Mexico will mean that you will have to set aside some time to fully recover. Your previous eating habits will change and will probably never be the same. But that is not something to worry about or fret over. You’ll be enjoying the new benefits of the affordable weight loss surgery and your new body too much to be upset over your diet changes! Immediately following your affordable weight loss surgery, your doctors and nurses will talk with you about your eating habits and set you up on a stricter diet. However, after your surgery in Mexico, your diet options will get larger and less strict.

If you are a bariatric patient, the diet you follow is an important one. You need a high-protein, low-sugar, and low-fat diet. You will always want to eat your protein first, and then your vegetables and/or fruit. Finally, you’ll have your carbohydrates. When choosing your protein, always look for lean cuts with visible fat removed. Try and choose low-fat and low-sugar options as much as possible. A good rule of thumb, for both before and after surgery, is a goal of three meals per day. Smaller snacks between meals are ok in moderation but don’t get caught up in a “grazing” habit where you are eating a little all day long. Eat your meals slowly, chew your food well, and get plenty of fluids throughout the day. It is also recommended to take a multivitamin.

Bariatric patients have found that certain foods are harder to digest after affordable weight loss surgery. Some foods to avoid are: whole milk, grapes, pork, beef, nuts, beans, shellfish, and corn. You may not have to avoid these foods for the rest of your life, but it is probably safer to avoid them in the few weeks following your bariatric surgery. Erring on the side of caution is definitely recommended. However, you do have many other options for meals after your surgery has been completed and you are home.

Lunch Ideas:

  • Dark chicken with steamed vegetables
  • Canned salmon or tuna
  • Grilled fish of any kind
  • Crockpot tortilla soup
  • Avocado egg salad (avocado is a good choice for bariatric patients)
  • Roasted red pepper soup
  • Asian chicken salad
  • Grilled tuna steaks

Many of the options can be paired up with side dishes, such as celery sticks, baked potato with low-fat toppings, decaffeinated tea and skim milk.

This is just a small sampling of the types of foods that post-bariatric patients can enjoy. There are literally dozens and dozens of websites and blogs that are full of recipes and information concerning how to eat after bariatric surgery that you will find helpful. You’ll find that it is much easier than you thought to adapt to the new rules you have with your diet. You’ll also learn by trial and error and by paying attention to how your body responds to certain food and drinks. There may be certain things that you may not be able to eat for the rest of your life, but that doesn’t mean you will always have to eat the same type of food over and over again. Just experiment with new recipes, keep searching for different variations on the ones you love, share recipes in a group designed for bariatric patients, and enjoy your new diet as much as you can! After surgery in Mexico, you’ll love your new body and new diet!

Jessica Lovett, WLG Editorial Team

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